Angling Prospects provide an extensive range of booms for sea fishing rigs including Ashpole and British booms.  Our full range of sea booms includes:

  • Ashpole Booms: Triangular shape designed to sit in the tide for improved bait presentation and bite detection.
  • Avis BoomsPrevents tangles as free to rotate on the trace and provides better bait presentation.  Used with scratching or paternoster rigs.
  • British Booms:  TBA
  • Running Booms: Use to prevent tangles with artificial lures or baits on long traces over wrecks, reefs etc.
  • Zip SlidersSmall but tough sliding boom with stainless steel clip link for the lead. Great for a running ledger rig, which can be used from the boat or shore.

Generally a boom holds the bait away from the fishing line so that it does not tangle. They are used on a variety of rigs and come in a wide range of formats and sizes. They are widely used for boat fishing.

As a trade only sea fishing tackle supplier we only sell fishing booms in bulk quantities.  Therefore if you are a trade and wholesale customer please contact us for further details. Alternatively, please ask for our products at your usual fishing tackle suppliers.

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