Fishing lures come in a wide variety of different types and are an essential part of any anglers fishing tackle. Examples include: Spinner lures Wishbone, Paternoster, Texas rigs and daisy chains. The latter utilise plastic lures and fishing beads, such as those made by us.

Our Wagtail lure is a killer lure with a rolling body action and an alluring wagging tail, suitable for sea or coarse fishing.

Simple to use with a slow straight retrieve and the occasional twitch of the rod tip, the Wagtail lure is very durable due to the hook rig pivoting away from the lure. This results in the lure being safely outside the Pike’s mouth and therefore away from its teeth during the battle.

Available in multiple colours and medium and large sizes our Wagtail lures are provided in packs of ten.

Many anglers find that using beads as part of their lure can provide an added advantage. Therefore, our fishing beads can be purchased in a wide variety of colours including dayglow and illuminous.

At Angling Prospects we provide a comprehensive range of sea fishing beads including: microbeads, tulip beads, illuminous, supertough and rubber beads plus more.

As a trade only sea fishing tackle supplier we only sell our fishing beads and other products for fishing lures in bulk quantities. Therefore if you are a trade and wholesale customer please contact us for further details. Alternatively, please ask for our products at your usual fishing tackle suppliers.

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