At Angling Prospects we manufacture different types of boom tubes and silicon boom tubing for sea fishing rigs including:

  • Boom TubePlastic black tubing 200mm / 8 inches long. for sea booms & attractors. Five booms per pack.
  • Glow Boom TubePlastic tubing in a range of Dayglo colours, 200mm / 8 inches long for sea booms & attractors. Five booms per pack.
  • Silicon Boom TubingSilicon tubes used for protecting hook lengths and securing rigs together, available in three sizes and three colours.

Please also see our comprehensive range of sea booms including Ashpole booms, British booms, Avis booms, Running ledger booms and zip sliders.

As a trade only sea fishing tackle supplier we only sell fishing booms in bulk quantities.  Therefore if you are a trade and wholesale customer please contact us for further details. Alternatively, please ask for our products at your usual fishing tackle suppliers.

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